Sunday, 20 October 2013

Who, Me???

Where have I been the past 2 months you might ask? Or you don’t because you don’t give a shit. But eitherway I am going to tell some stories.
To be honest I don’t remember that many stories. No not because there are no stories to be told or I have been drunk the whole time, no it’s because I have a poor memory.
I met some guys in a club, with one of whom I had dinner later that week and accidentally went home with, just to realise that I do not like him. AT ALL. I guess we all have to learn this the hard way. After things got heated and he didn’t understand my hesitation, I left. I walked 8 miles home in the middle of the night. Because he was an asshole. Everytime I unintendedly remember these events I feel sick.  But it was a lesson…being an adult hit me straight in the face.
But none the less it has been a good summer. I’ve found a job, earned some money, met up with friends and nervously awaited the beginning of my first semester at University.

I’m not going to write anymore today, as my mood seems to be as dark as the sky outside my window. Maybe I’ll write something tomorrow, maybe I won’t. We’ll see.


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