Sunday, 20 October 2013

Who, Me???

Where have I been the past 2 months you might ask? Or you don’t because you don’t give a shit. But eitherway I am going to tell some stories.
To be honest I don’t remember that many stories. No not because there are no stories to be told or I have been drunk the whole time, no it’s because I have a poor memory.
I met some guys in a club, with one of whom I had dinner later that week and accidentally went home with, just to realise that I do not like him. AT ALL. I guess we all have to learn this the hard way. After things got heated and he didn’t understand my hesitation, I left. I walked 8 miles home in the middle of the night. Because he was an asshole. Everytime I unintendedly remember these events I feel sick.  But it was a lesson…being an adult hit me straight in the face.
But none the less it has been a good summer. I’ve found a job, earned some money, met up with friends and nervously awaited the beginning of my first semester at University.

I’m not going to write anymore today, as my mood seems to be as dark as the sky outside my window. Maybe I’ll write something tomorrow, maybe I won’t. We’ll see.


Friday, 26 July 2013

Once upon a summers day

Last week my family and I went on a very much deserved vacation to the countryside. I love living in a big city, but I am a country girl at heart. There is something about the serenity there that makes me very happy and never fails to calm me down. The constant buzzing of those little insects and the bees..
Even though I can relax on vacation, I absolutely hate doing nothing. I can’t sit still. And this year we went biking (because I dragged my family with me on nearly every occasion) and kayaking (is this the right term? I’m not sure).

On the first day I explored the bike lanes and an admirable little town.

IMGP0076IMGP0078 IMGP0079IMGP0100IMGP0102 


IMGP0167     IMGP0163

IMGP0168 IMGP0169 IMGP0160
Those lovely cobbled street were a pain for riding a bike on, but they surely looked very pretty.

We ate in a petite bistro opposite this store which sold antique furniture. The old man on the chair actually seemed to sit out there the whole time.


IMGP0179        IMGP0180
And just around the corner we found this gemstone of shabby-chic. The store inside this house was made with so much love and effort. It looked nearly like it came straight out of pinterest, but with more heart.



Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The good, the better & the 18th birthday

At the beginning of the month I finally turned 18. I had a lovely weekend filled with little celebrations. On Friday my friends and I had a little get together. We had an Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party and it was fantastic. Sadly when I took pictures of my marvellously decorated table I completely forgot to put a memory card into my SLR…pfffff On Saturday my family and relatives came over and celebrated with me
Here are a few pictures I took with my new camera.
IMGP0010 IMGP0014IMGP0015
Balloons everywhere in the garden and the house.

IMGP0022  IMGP0019
I’ve got some bottles of bubbly, some Soap & Glory goodies, a very lovely clothbound edition of ‘Alice in Wonderland’.
And I  got the prettiest flowers ever. A bunch of pink and white peonies. . .
Another humongous bouquet.

Sunday, 30 June 2013



Hi there,
here I am again.

Yesterday was finally the day that we received our A-Level report cards. That means I’ll never have to go to my old school again. Yay.
But before our official graduation ceremony yesterday we had an unofficial last day at school (which was a few weeks ago on the third of June).

Having a last day is kind of a tradition at our school. The 12th graders plan a day full of chaos and confusion for the teachers and the younger students. We got up at 4 a.m. filled 1000 balloons, taped chairs and desks in the classrooms together to keep them in huge piles on the floor, drew stuff on every blackboard and hung up posters of Justin Bieber, One Direction, The Wanted… in every toilet in the whole school. When the first students arrived and every piece of artwork in the building was covered in Disney posters we were prepared.
The students were greeted with a warm welcome of SuperSoakers and finger paint. After the lessons started and the teachers desperatly tried to untie the chairs and the desks, we went into every classroom and generally annoyed as many teachers and disrupted as many classes as possible.

As school normally is extremely strict and organized this is the only day of the year that we are allowed to make a little bit of a mess.

But despite all of the mess we made and the fun we had this day felt incredibly unreal for me. I’ve been going to this school for the past 5, 6.. no 7 years and even though I didn’t like school that much I am sure going to miss learning something new and the routine of a normal school day. Nevertheless I am going to start university in September and there’ll surely be a new routine quite fast.

See you later (a.k.a. tomorrow),



P.S.: I’m sorry that I have been away from blogging for so long, but June was a friggin’ busy month. There were thousands of 18th birthdays of friends. I had to work. And most of all I had to make/layout/design the whole f****** yearbook this time. Alone. And it nearly drove me insane.

Monday, 17 June 2013

30 DAY SNAP #17

Today the weather was perfect. Again. So went outside and jumped into some Harry Potter nostalgia. I’ve probably read this book for more than 4 times and I still love it and it never gets boring.



Sometimes you have to make changes in order to feel good again. Because I think sometimes we, mostly young females, let ourselves get too influenced by what males or the media think is good for us, what we should look like, how we should be….

And I think that makes everyone somewhat pretentious. That’s why I decided to get rid off some of the stuff that makes me feel self-conscious or bad or whatever. You catch my drift?


1. Last Wednesday I went to the hairdresser to get my hair cut. Not the normal get-rid-off-the-split-ends-cut, but I literally got half of my hair cut off. (My hair went down to the middle of my back now it barely touches my shoulders). People often think of long hair as very sexy or cute, I thought the same for quite a long time, but I got kind of bored and decided I needed a change, so off it was. And there is this boost of confidence that comes with having short hair (at least for me), I know that getting short hair can end horribly wrong, but it’s just hair. It’ll grow again and for the worst cases there’ll always be extensions.

2. In one of my cleaning antics I threw out all of my magazines. Not everyone, but issues like COSMOPOLITAN that always tells you what and how to be etc. and I think getting rid of direct body shaming influence works quite well for me. On one page they say that curves are the new trend and everything else is out. And on the next page they announce the same thing for skinny girls. But they always manage to make a lot of people feel bad about themselves. Why can’t we just accept that everybody looks different and that there’s nothing wrong about that?


into the bin with you lot


3. Tell people to shut the f*** up. If they don’t accept you for who you are, if they are mean to you or always try to change you are NOT your friends, no matter what tehy tell you. If they make you feel down, leave them.

4. Be yourself. You are amazing.


I seriously want to know what you do to make yourself feel good.



30 DAY SNAP #12

Yes I know I skipped a few days, but I simply forgot about this project. 
So here's the last awkward selfie of me with my long hair I am gonna visit the hairdresser now. Bye
Chop chop chop