Thursday, 30 May 2013



Oh this is seriously the worst heading I have ever come up with it. I deeply apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. The first week of my oh-so-well-plannes schedule and I already fail on the second day. tststs well done Lina

Back to the topic: Weeks and weeks of final exams are now over. I’m so glad that I won’t have to write a test in school ever again, but the tension of not knowing the exam results is driving me insane. Literally. But what feels extremely weird is that now, even after 12 years of school I’ll have to head over to Uni for the next five to six years. What I ask myself is what new stuff am I going to learn at Uni? How to completely loose your social life during exam period, how to down hell of a lot of shots in the shortest time possible or better how to pay back 50k + in student loans? And by the way I think that charging student thousands of dollars or euros or pounds as tuition fees is justified. Shouldn’t it be the government’s intention to offers the best education possible to everyone that is smart and not to everyone that can afford it?

Oh and now to my 7 weeks of bad luck

1. I sadly had to decline all of the five  UCAS university offers I received due to financial reasons (and also I don’t think starting your work-life with a debt of 50,000 quids is the right way)


2. Shortly after that we (me and many people from our year) had a post-maths-exam BBQ. One of the boys from my year had a few drinks too much and drunkely decided to have an adventure. one second later I see him riding my bike up the hill. While coming back down he slips and falls. Nice one boy. The problem was that I was the only sober one left and I had to take care of him. Turns out he broke his jaw and completely wrecked my beloved CUBE-bike. And now (3 weeks later) he is pretending he wasn’t even drunk (sure thing, he started drinking a good five hours prior and was going at an incredible pace) and he’s hoping insurance will pay for it. Of course they’ll pay for something you’ve done when you were drunk without the owners consent. (I hope you note my sarcasm here)
If it would have been me I would’ve been extremely ashamed and would have paid the money necessary for the bike repair immediately.
Some people just aren’t ashamed of anything.

3. One and a half week after the car incident I had motorbike accident. And all the awards for bad luck go to…… *drumroll please* Lina.
There was an oil trail on the street which I didn’t notice until I was kissing the concrete after I tried to brake. Now that motorbike is wrecked too.

Thanks Karma. You are a bitch. No not really karma, but I guess real life is one.

In conclusion: Real life’s a bitch. Sometimes.




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