Saturday, 8 June 2013


I think that there is one thing we have all done despite all our differences. We’ve fallen in love. But there is a very special way of it. It is called falling in love on the train, the tube, the bus, the whatever wherever.

You are just sitting there (if you are lucky enough to have a seat) casually minding your own business staring holes into the air, reading 50 Shades of Grey, listening to your iPod or pretending to be texting. One moment later you some why look up to notice the most astonishingly beautiful person you have ever seen standing just a few feet away from you. And before you can think: ‘Oh hell, you are incredible’ you will be falling head-over-heels for this unknown stranger. If he is smiling at you this is a plus but not  a necessity. And it will make the blood rush into your cheeks and it will make you look like a complete and utter weirdo. But in that moment it doesn’t matter. This possible Calvin-Klein underwear model is so stunningly beautiful that you contemplate getting off at their stop to find out where he’s headed, but the thought to have a little chat with him and to ask for his number never crosses your mind.

Yet for some reason your hormone-filled brain starts to plan a future with this highly attractive stranger, imagining how your first date would be. But just a few seconds later your thoughts are interrupted by the oh-so familiar rustling of a jacket and a backpack being lifted up from the ground. You look up, the tube doors open and your possible one true love leaves the train. Without you even knowing his name and you’ll be sad for 15 seconds but then you’ll go back to your daily tube routine. Staring holes into the air, reading a book or pretending to text. your day will basically be like the previous ones.

But every once in a while you’ll remember this time you saw the most beautiful person on the tube and how they smiled at you and how you fell in love in mere seconds. And you’ll smile at this memory and how ridiculous it seems to fall in love with a stranger and yet you’ll be filled with a radiant happiness whenever you think of it.



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